Cheap Flip Flops

Are you aware the origin of flip flops?

Flip flops originated from the Egypt during 4000BC. In America, Flip flops were seen after World War II. American soldiers from Japan returned with flip flops in their bags. In Japan they were known, and are still called Zori, Japanese zori. The name flip flop originated from the slapping sound this footwear makes when walking. In some regions they are also know as Jandals or Thongs. The ancient flip flops from Japan were modified and redesigned to the modern flip flops.basic-flip-flop

The original design was simple; loosely fitting to the sole with a Y-shaped strap or band passing between the first and the second toes and going to either sides of the foot. It was a simple and quite expensive and that’s’ why this article was named is Cheap flip flops. Though reminiscent of basic design can still be seen, there are many interesting variations which can be credited for the popularity of flip flops in the U.S. By 1960, the flip flops were hit and gained popularity as outdoor and summer footwear. The popularity of this casual footwear was demonstrated by the fact that during 2006 flip flop sales for the 1st time surpassed the sneaker sale, can you believe that? Love for flip flops can be attributed to the comfort and practicability. This fashionable & comfortable footwear is not only favorite among the women but also with men and kids alike.

Though flip flops in the America were first used by men, the soldiers from World War II, but now women the queen and major users of flip flops. There are thousands of women flip flop designs. All kinds of materials like rubber, reef, leather, foam, plastic, suede and even fabric is used to manufacture this footwear. The price ranges from $100+ for expensive flip flops to under $5 for a cheap flip flop. Aside from the variety of base materials girls flip flops comes with many different finishes, using beads, chains, Rhinestones etc.

Women’s Flip Flops

Women love to wear these cute flip flops on casual occasions. During summer, It is a rather common to see women wearing summer flip flops on the beach or in a mall. Though flip flops for formal ware can be found in abundance. Flip flops with rhinestones enable women to move with ease from the beach to the bar in other words from casual to formal setting. Leather flip flops, black flip flops, flip flops with heels are some other popular formal wares.

Women are major users of flip flops and most of them use it to their hearts content by wearing flip flops on almost every occasion. There is an ongoing debate as to whether wearing flip flops can be judged as lack of seriousness on a formal occasion. Despite this debate, most women find that the best flip flops offer comfort and fashion for all possible occasions.

Men’s Flip Flops

Flip Flops & President Obama

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Men are not far behind in the use of cheap flip flops or expensive. Men’s flip flops are more popular than you may think. To be frank, men seem to go more for comfort and ease rather than fashion statement. For men flip flops are mostly for in house use. However, it is not uncommon to see men using flip flops for outdoor activity or during vacations. President Obama was seen wearing flip flops during one of his vacation during 2011. Don’t all men just love the comfort of flip flops? The best flip flops for men also made to provide stable arch support and thick-cushioned soles. The most comfortable flip flops for men are those that take into account support for the natural curves. For the men who love sports but like to take occasional breaks from sneakers, sport flip flops are preferred since they offer some foot support as is availed with athletic shoes. There is a wide array of men flip flops to choose from.

Kids Flip Flops

Kids too love cute and colorful flip flops. While boys prefer fun and funky graphics on their flip flops, the girls love flowered and bright-colored flip flops. Rainbow flip flops and white flip flops are hot favorite for girls while boys prefer spider man flip flops. It is interesting how kids are able to isolate their preference at such an early age. These fashion flip flops for kids need to be comfortable and fitting. This way the flip flops are able to support the growth and development at the same time offer comfort and style. There are numerous styles and designs of kids flip flops and baby flip flops to choose from.

Finally, a word of caution, in the quest of easy, comfort and style don’t forget using uncomfortable and ill fitting flip flops may induce pain in the feet and ankles. Continuous use may result into serious feet related problems, this is especially true of kids. Finding the right size and proper fitting of any footwear is something one should not ignore especially at the cost of making a fashion statement. Trust me flip flops are available in all kinds of quality, sizes and price range. You need to find something which appeals to you, fits well and is correctly priced meaning, without compromising on the quality. A cheap flip flops has less to do with price but more to do with what you pay for all above i.e. fitting, style, ease etc. Find a good flip flop is not hard, if you look hard you will find discount flip flops suiting your style, size and budget. Whatever your style, personality or fashion-preference, you cannot miss to find a flip flop that will be just perfect for you but you need to look hard.